Races of Arda [1/?]

Good Races

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Artist: 갓세븐 (GOT7)
Title: Girls Girls Girls
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because fangirls never settle for low quality

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So this concert was so awesome ♥ rly sad when they sad it was the last one before an long break #seeed #dortmund #concert #seeedconcert #konzert #openair #openairkonzert #westfalenparkdortmund

Quiet a good few ♥ #seeed #seeedkonzert #konzert #concert #dortmund #germany #westfalenpark #westfalenparkdortmund (hier: Westfalenpark Dortmund)

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Benedict Cumberbatch Ice Bucket Challenge (X)

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Artist: Jónsi & John Powell
Title: For the Dancing and the Dreaming
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